"PURVAJA" means all family members who have taken birth before you. "MUKTI" means to set free. This is a process to set your ancestors free from their sufferings. By extension, you and your family become free of any inherited ailments and sufferings. This a conscious process to distance yourself and your family from your ancestors. With fire, these negative genetic impressions get purified. Positive impressions are selectively retained through a Sukshma or subtle process.

The genetic impressions inherited from your ancestors define much of your vulnerability to disease, immunity, decisions, success, and more. Very few can overcome the shackles of these malicious yet forgotten genetic imprints. The Purvaja Mukti process is an opportunity to grow from the inherited past, to realize your individual dharma.

Purvaja Mukti is one step deeper than Bhuta Shudhhi. In Bhuta Shudhhi, you have already purified your individual past. Now, in Purvaja Mukti you are liberating yourself and your living family members from your ancestors and their past.