Panch Mahabhut Shuddhi

"BHUTA" means past. "SHUDDHI" means purify. Hence, this process takes you and your family on a subtle, methodical journey where your and you family's past is purified. Panch Mahabhut Shuddhi a process where only negativities are purified and positives are retained.

In Vedic terms, there is no discrimination between negative and positive experiences in life. All experiences carry their own value and are necessary for a balanced life experience. Removing negative experience completely would create an imbalance. Hence, Panch Mahabhut Shuddhi purifies negativity so that it can be used in a positive form.

You have gone through a lot in past, the negative memories and experiences get etched in the pancha tattvas (five matter)of your life form. Similarly, your partners or other family members who come from different families come from their absolutely different past. Our parents and their parents have struggled with their past too.

You and your family have gone through a lot in the past. The negative memories and experiences get etched into your life form. During the purification process, some may experience the past in bouts of intense emotional outbursts.

In summary, the Panch Mahabhut Shuddhi process cleanses your negative past experiences, purifies them, and fills that empty space with its own transformed positive energy. Hence, this process rebalances the pancha tattvas of all the participating family members.

This experience is cathartic and rejuvenating, and the results are everlasting.