"JEEVAN" means life. "MUKTI" means free. This step frees your life from any obstacles that hold you back from success and basic human functionality. At this point, inherited diseases will begin to subside and eventually disappear. Once these final obstacles are lifted, Jeevan Mukti connects you to your unique DHARMA, serving as an everlasting guide in achieving your true life's purpose. After completion of this final step of cleansing and purifying negative energies, Meditation/ Dhyaana devoid of any negative thoughts and disturbances is possible. After completing Jeevan Mukti, you start realizing how your life energy is different than the body you have acquired. You start the journey towards enlightenment, then Kaivalya, then Nirvana.

To live in JEEVAN MUKTA ​state follower needs to complete the mandatory "SHAKTI SANKALPA" and decide to live life with full vigor. Alternatively, if your schedule permits and there is eagerness to learn more, you are welcome to join our "Dhyaana एवं Saadhana" program.