The Sanskrita word "DHYAANA" loosely translates as "Focus" or "Absolute Attention"in English. However, its mostly confused with the term "meditation." Meditation means sitting quietly in a place and posture to concentrate on yourself. Whereas, in Dhyaana, the first step is to concentrate and understand yourself. Dhyaana takes you on a journey from understanding yourself to understanding anything in its true form. Practicing unfazed attention for long periods of time provides practitioner the clear understanding of truth about the subject of attention itself. Once practicing dhyaana is not limited to the place or the environment and circumstantial situations- The practitioner starts realising ones own full potential. Hence, Dhyaana is a way of life where you live moment to moment with full concentrated attention.

The word "SAADHANA" translates to "controlled actions." When one is aware of full potential of oneself, then the ability to control actions is possible. Hence, Saadhana refers to a defined time bound process in pursuit to achieve a certain result.

The largest obstacle faced in Dhyaana एवं Saadhana is the negative thoughts that emerge during practice. Main source of these negative thoughts is the negative energies present in and around you. Hence, its mandatory to cleanse and purify oneself along with the surroundings for deep mediation. From this dhyaana and saadhana flowers of Enlightenment, Kaivalya, and Nirvana bloom.

My Guruji Says, "Dhyaana एवं Saadhana is impossible without cleansing negative energies."

To cleanse negative energies associated with practitioner, the first three steps of Bhuta Shuddhi, Purvaja Mukti, and Jeevan Mukti becomes mandatory for a successful Dhyaana एवं Saadhana.