Q.1 Are infamous practices like Black Magic/ Kala Jaadu/ Totka involved during my treatment?
A : No, there is no involvement of things related to occult, black worshipping or rituals.

Q.2 By what ways will be my problems be solved?
A : Karauli Sarkar is a holy place or Darbaar where blessings and prayers are the only way that result in wonders.

Q.3  Would my problems be solved for sure ?
A : Do you ever ask doctor the same question before you visit him ? No, right !! It is your faith alone that makes you consult him, so why this unnecessary question to be raised ! It is simple : If you have faith then take a step.

Q. 4 How long would it take for my problems to be solved?
A : On consultation, you will be notified of the problem you are suffering from. Henceforth, depending upon seriousness of your problem, the duration it would take shall be clarified to you as well.

Q. 5  Are there any facilities of food and accommodation within the campus?
A : Yes, there are. For more detail, please go through this website.